Memories Of Green




Arturo Soto Flores

“Good design means to serve,  for It cannot be in our best interest to live in a society that is based in the cynical exploitation of the weakness of others".

Product and Graphic designer. Focused on designing in a sustainable way to prove that we can make meaningful products using recycled, reusable materials. Function equals Beauty, and ultimate functionality leads to ultimate beauty.

Masters Degree in Visual Arts Designer Maker  |  University of the Arts London - Camberwell College of Art | Major in Graphic Design  |  Centro Roberto Garza Sada de Arte, Arquitectura y Diseño | Currently Designing for Matter of Stuff


Design Partners


Natalie Pichler

"The objects and rooms nowadays should be as flexible as our life! As designers we need to help people to reconnect with materials and objects."

I am a product and interior designer, I have my own studio in Linz Austria, Quartier. I created WALLZ in cooperation with Bene, a multifunctional and flexible room system which creates different rooms for different working situations. My aim is to create multifunctional objects where people are part of the design, the can arrange them as they wish.

Major on Master of Arts and Design & Textile University of Arts and Design Linz | MA Designer Maker University of the Arts London - Camberwell | Bachelor of Arts and Design New Design University Sankt Pölte


Barbara Prada 

Collaboration at DP London, Architectural Drawings, Visualisations, Sketches, Drafting, Concept Images, mood-boards, Generating Ideas and Concept Development,  managing the coordination and Structural Engineer.

Bachelor of Arts SUPSI in InteriorDesign  SUPSI Switzerland | Masters Degree in Visual Arts Designer Maker   University of the Arts London - Camberwell College of Art




"Bad taste and poor design will bring no success; for it cannot be in our own interest to live and work in a society that is based upon the cynical exploitation of the weakness of others"

Dieter Rams


"We have always thought of design to be so much more than the way something looks. It's the way something actually works in so many different levels. Design actually defines so much about our experience."

Jonathan Paul Ive

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Genuine design is the world's strongest defence against pollution; a bastion of humble and yet determined resistance, one that serves and submits itself to the needs of humanity; driven by sensitive and disciplined simplicity. 

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"Indifference towards living environments and the reality in which they exist is actually the one and only cardinal sin in design."

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"True beauty resides in empathy, care and consciousness."