Memories Of Green




"This is the most poetic, the most intuitive, the most direct evolution of Desk Organiser... 

Deskcape Noctis is the paradox between the past and the future, a touch of modernity sculpted in ancient materials  Traditional craftsmanship with boundless versatility. A timeless beauty for spaces that makes a resounding statement with a distinctive atmosphere. An elegant landscape full of character and sophistication.


"Indifference towards living things and the reality in which they exist it's the one and only cardinal sin in design"

The Vesper collection it’s enhanced by the noble character of the exotic wood, its geometric, simple shape enhances the beautiful flaws of the material portraying and antique modesty.

We choose wood for its strong character; these often called imperfections are in fact a signature of character through time. The sleek, polished finishing on the wood creates an even more striking effect enhancing its character.


"Event horizon is the"

The Event Horizon Homeware Collection uses thrown-away & reclaimed wood to create shapes and patterns that revere reclaimed materials and showcase their hidden beauty. These vessels represent the beauty of the wasted materials and the respect we should give to them in their most simple form.

A statement of the ingenuity of humankind through the ages and how we have been able to design with purpose in the name of our survival.