Memories Of Green



"Genuine design is the world's strongest defence against environmental disaster; a shield of noble and determined resistance, one that serves and submits itself for the needs of humanity, driven by a sensitive and disciplined simplicity."


"This is the most poetic, the most intuitive, the most direct evolution of Desk Organiser... 

Deskcape Noctis is the paradox between the past and the future, a touch of modernity sculpted in ancient materials  Traditional craftsmanship with boundless versatility. A timeless beauty for spaces that makes a resounding statement with a distinctive atmosphere. An elegant landscape full of character and sophistication.


"Indifference towards living things and the reality in which they exist it's the one and only cardinal sin in design"

The Vesper collection it’s enhanced by the noble character of the exotic wood, its geometric, simple shape enhances the beautiful flaws of the material portraying and antique modesty through the entire set.

We choose wood as our second material because its strong character; these often called imperfections are in fact signature of experience through time. The playful sleek, polished finishing on the wood creates an even more striking effect enhancing its character.


"Indifference towards living things and the reality in which they exist it's the one and only cardinal sin in design"

Using thrown away wood and waste I have managed to create shapes and patterns that could make recycling/up-cycling look fashionable ("green look fashionable"). It has fallen into us designers; not scientist, politicians nor any other profession, to be in contact with reality more than any other human discipline. It has fallen into us, the responsibility to reshape the decisions, the craving and the aspirations of humanity into a better future.

These pieces' primary goal is to focus on the beauty of creation and ingenuity, and how we as designers are responsible of our own future, could create solutions from practically nothing. From an innocuous idea of chiselling thrown away wood, I hope my work helps designers to realise the fragility and the simplicity of ideas; and how we have the unassailable duty to make better design.